Two enterprising men in the early 20th century revolutionized the breakfast table with the invention of cold cereals. No longer would mom have to make hot cereals or boil eggs or fry meat to prepare breakfast for her children. Instead, they could simply prepare a cold cereal before school. In fact, these innovative products became so popular that they have since become a staple in American households. Here are a few reasons to make cold cereals part of your breakfast routine.

Ovi O’s

The new Ovi O’s Breakfast Of Champions Cold cereal has a unique Snapchat feature. By simply scanning the box of cereal, consumers can play an interactive hockey game. In addition to controlling an animated Alex Ovechkin, the cereal also features a message from the superstar. That’s a pretty cool marketing campaign for a brand that’s not all that well-known. However, the question is, can Ovi O’s stand up to the competition?

The limited-edition cereal was released on Alex Ovechkin’s birthday, Sept. 17, just a few weeks before the Capitals’ season begins. The product was so well-received, it sold out in just a few hours. Meanwhile, Ovechkin went out of his way to surprise shoppers and schoolchildren. He even visited a local elementary school and did math homework for kids!

Oatmeal with FRUIT and NUTS

Oatmeal with fruit and nuts is a great way to start your day. Not only is this recipe filling, it also contains a variety of healthy oils and nutrients. For those with allergies, you can substitute flax with chia seeds. This is a delicious way to combine your morning meal with the goodness of the three superfoods. Try to use local, organic, and raw nuts if you can find them.

You can serve your oatmeal with various toppings, from fresh fruit to nuts and maple syrup. You can also add your favorite flavors like cinnamon, almond butter, peanut butter, and more. You can even add meatballs and pancakes to your breakfast. Here are a few more delicious ideas for topping your oatmeal. Enjoy! And don’t forget to let me know if you come up with any other tasty combinations!


Despite its edgy label, most commercial cold cereals are not worth the ink on the box. Most are high in glycemic index and low in fiber, and they contain minimal usable protein. Some health cereals use whole grains, but fall short of fiber and vitamins. To make up for these deficiencies, some manufacturers add synthetic vitamin isolates, which have almost no nutritional value.


The slogan “Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions” has been on the brand’s iconic orange boxes since the beginning. A popular song by Les Brown and his orchestra was “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio” in 1941. Following a clutch base hit by DiMaggio, the orchestra awarded the star baseball player a case of Wheaties. Whether the phrase is a marketing ploy or a marketing gimmick, Wheaties has remained a staple in American culture.

During the 1930s and early 1940s, Wheaties featured testimonials from athletes of all disciplines, from baseball stars to coaches, to circus and rodeo performers. It also featured celebrities and professionals from a variety of fields, from cattle breeders to railroad engineers, big game hunters to aviators and parachutists. It’s no wonder Wheaties has been a popular breakfast cereal for over a century.